Who We Are?

Safal Agro is a Young company which works in the domain of Greenhouse construction sector. Fully aware with the current Global updates and local requirements, and very well know for best Quality and Service provider in our industry sector.

Who we do?

We are team of young, passionate, qualified and experienced people. Focused on enhancing the lives of plants and protect them from natural calamity. Safal Agro provides intuitive, intelligent solutions that enable our customers to participate in today’s market competition.


We wish to become the leader in Polyhouse Construction and Shed-net Construction services. “To preserve the quality of plants and improve life of farm.” By giving new dimension to farming in our country we are constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision.


We build value for our investors through the strength of our customer's satisfaction and by consistently producing superior results. We will realize this mission by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost containment in our industry.

What We Do?

We offer a comprehensive range of structures, designs and services to fulfil our clients exact requirements. Below are some of our services with specifications.


Climate Controlled Polyhouse

Climate controlled polyhouse also known as Fan Pad Greenhouse is provided with the assembly and design for complete control of inside climate like temperature, humidity etc. by using Fan and Pad system.

Technical Specification:
Bay Size8m X 4m
Gutter Height4m
Total Height5m
Two Sided 1m brick wall
Fan and Pad: 50'' fan with 6 SS blades, Pad is made of cellulose in 4” or 6” thickness.

Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

Naturally Ventilated polyhouse have variety of applications in growing quality vegetables, flowers to archive export market.

Technical Specification:
Bay Size8m X 4m
Gutter Height4m or 4.5m
Total Height6m or 6.5m
Side curtains and around 2m height
Gutter: 1mm thickness, 500mm perimeter with trapezoidal shape, and Insect net is 40 mesh

Shade Net House-Round Type

Generally made in heavy rain fall area. Structure is made of GI pipes, covered by 50% to 75% net g-fabric (Apron paper) is attached at the bottom at 1.5-2m.

Technical Specification:
Bay Size6m X 4m
Gutter Height4m
Total Height5m

Shade Net House-Flat Type

Generally made in low rain fall area. Structure is made of GI pipes, covered by 50% to 75% net g-fabric (Apron paper) is attached at the bottom at 1.5-2m.

Technical Specification:
Bay Size6m X 4m
Total Height4m


  • Self Drilling Screw
  • Clamps: Hot deep GI clamps of half and full type are use with size 42”, 48”, 60”, 76”
  • Profil: C type profil with curvature at the bottom to fix on GI pipe are use to fit cladding material with zig zag spring. Made from aluminum and GI material
  • Zig Zag Spring: Zig -Zag Spring with tensile strength is use to fit cladding material into profil available in 1.5mtr length.
  • Nut Bolt; Hot deep galvanized iron nut and bolts are use in 6mm, 8 mm, 10 mm size
  • Gutter: Gutter with minimum 1 mm thickness and 500mm perimeter with trapezoidal shape is fitted to drain out rain water. Available in GI and plastic.
  • Shade net pulley: Made by assembling C type GI bracket, plastic wheel and nut bolt. Use to for sliding net fitting.
  • Door: Door are made of UV stabilized FRP with minimum 1 mm thickness.

Have You Seen our Works?


Project Details

ClientAbhijit Aamare
ProjectTunnel/ Round Type Polyhouse
Area2080 Square Meter
DateJuly 2013
LocationShinde Palase, Nasik, Maharashtra

Project Details

ClientChandan Dhere
ProjectNaturally Ventilated Polyhouse
Area1008 Square Meter

Project Details

ClientMr. Sheshappa Petlur
ProjectFlat Type Shade Net House
Area2000 Square Meter
LocationMudenur, Ramdurga, KK

Project Details

ClientMr. Devendra Vijay Jadhav
ProjectNaturally Ventilated Polyhouse
Area3500 Square Meter

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Project Details

ClientLandson Realty
ProjectClimate Controlled Polyhouse

Project Details

ClientMrs. Anjalee Takke
ProjectShade Net Polyhouse Round Type
LocationMahad, Kokan, Maharashtra

Porject Details

ClientMr. Manoj Bhambre
ProjectShade Net Polyhouse Flat Type

Project Details

ClientMr. Satish Shinde
ProjectNaturally Ventilated Polyhouse
Area4000 square meter
LocationSatana Nasik
  • tunel-round-type-polyhouse-Abhijit-Aamare

    Tunnel/ Round Type Polyhouse

  • naturally-ventilated-polyhouse-chandan-dhere

    Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

  • flat-type-shade-net-house-Sheshappa

    Shade Net Polyhouse (Flat Type)

  • Naturally-ventilated-polyhouse-Devendra-Jadav

    Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

  • climate-controlled-polyhouse-Landson

    Climate Controlled Polyhouse

  • shade-net-round-type-Anjalee-Takke

    Shade Net Polyhouse (Round Type)

  • shade-net-house-flat-type-Manoj-Bhambre

    Shade Net House (Flat Type)

  • naturally-ventilated-polyhouse-satish-shinde

    Naturally ventilated polyhouse

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Project Gallery

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  • client Photo 2
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